nda animation This animation shows an NDA processing an OBJECT-SUBJECT sentence according to the subject preference strategy.

0. Initialization with the start symbol "2" in the processors stack and the string "01" in the input.
1. Predict by the rule "2" -> "10" representing the subject preference strategy.
2. The current state ("10", "01") cannot be further processed; the parser reached an unwanted attractor state.
3. The state
("10", "01") becomes destabilized and subsequently mapped onto ("01", "01") by readjusting the dynamic's control parameter.
4. Attach "0".
Attach "1"; finally accept input "01" as being well-formed.

The gardenpath interpretation is diagnosed between steps 2 and 3 where the control parameter of the dynamics is readjusted in order to repair the parse. The automaton reaches its accepting state when the full state space is occupied.